Human Beings and Computers

Topics: Peace, Human, Future Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 11, 2007
Human Beings and Computers

Can human beings and computers coexist in peace and harmony in the future? The poet and the author describe two totally different views, talking about the idea of coexistence. Our future will either be good or bad with questions to be asked as well. The poet, Richard Brautigan, describes the future as having hope and the computers take away freedom and work. The story written by Issac Asimov, writes about how computers is going to have a negative effect on the future and society with severe problems as well.

The author of Passage 1 creates a vision of the future world filled with joy, hope, harmony and peace. There is no fear and humans and computers live together as one in nature. They seem to act as a positive influence on one another. "…cybernetic forest… where deers stroll peacefully past computer" is an example of how the author sees the future. I can almost see the peacefulness that will take place in the future with animals and computers based on the author's description.

The poet uses many literary elements to enhance his visions of the future. He uses a smile to describe a beautiful meadow which is like, "pure water touching a clear sky." He also uses imagery and metaphors to show a "cybernetic forest" where computers are compared to "flowers with spinning blossoms." It is clear that the poet sees a future world in which computers and animals will coexist and leave together peacefully.

In Passage II the author creates a totally different vision, in which computers will be able to control people and the things they do. "Joe" is shown as some sort of computer which is being controlled by Milton Davidson, and unmarried man, almost in his forties, who hasn't found the right women yet. Milton decides to use Joe to find his true love. After weeks of trying to find the right women, and lady is finally chosen by the name of Charity Jones. Unfortunately, Milton is arrested for "malfeasance in office". Earlier in...
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