What Are the Effects of Computers

Topics: Computer, Engineering, Supercomputer Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: July 11, 2013
What are the Effects of Computers?
Computers have become part of our lives. Our life is better since we have computers. A very important aspect in the development of science and technology are computers. The science has made great achievements in the bionical creativity engineering, which is very helpful for people with disabilities. In particular, people are deprived of their limbs. About one hundred years ago people only could dream to visit space, and always thought if it’s possible. All of these have been possible since there were computers. And I think this is not the end of the development of technology yet. Patrick Kane, who lives in Scotland, at the age of 9 months, suffered a dangerous form of meningitis. Within three months, the doctors fought for his life and, as a result, won a battle with his illness. However, in order to save the boy's life, they had to amputate his right leg below the knee, all the fingers on his left hand and the fingers of his right hand. Only 13 years later, Patrick was able for the first time in my life to take in hand a glass, pen and other items. This was made possible thanks to a new prosthetic Touch Bionics: bionic arm that allows him to feel what he touches. The new prosthesis supports 24 capture modes. You can switch between them using the application for a smartphone, in addition to providing this training and diagnostics. Artificial arm allows gradually change the grip strength, so that it can help to even tie his shoes. Prosthesis, capable of holding up to 90 kg weight and at the same time is so sensitive that can hold a sheet of paper with two fingers. Of course, the company had spent much time to develop this artificial arm, and it was not without numerical experiments on high-speed super computers. Thanks to the company, people are deprived of their limbs have the ability to restore them again.

Did humanity visit space, if computers weren’t developed? I think we didn’t, because space flights require high...

Cited: Harwood, William. “Resumption of Soyuz tourist flights announced.” CBS NEWS "SPACE PLACE",   January 12, 2011. Web.
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