Huffman Trucking Paper

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Windows XP, Operating system Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Huffman Trucking Operating Systems
Christopher Gordon
POS/355 Introduction to Operating Systems
March 01, 2012
Jack Davis

Huffman Trucking Operating System
After analysis of the Huffman Trucking companies network diagram, I have determined that this business uses several different Microsoft Windows products to meet the operational needs of its everyday functions. Windows 3.x and Windows 9.x environment which include Windows 95 and Windows 98, these were all shown on the network diagram and it also shows that Windows XP Pro is used at Huffman Trucking's Missouri office. It is apparent that Huffman Trucking Company has chosen to use the same brand of operating system throughout their various office locations. I could easily assert that the reason for this is to maintain familiarity between the systems and assure that these numerous systems would remain compatible because they are all variations of Microsoft Windows. It is my belief that these Windows Operating systems were chosen by Huffman Trucking because they are some of the most cost effective and well known Operating Systems available on the market today.

I was able to make the following implications in regards to Huffman Trucking's choice of operating systems: When it comes to a company like Huffman Trucking that has offices and plants in New Jersey, California, Missouri and Ohio, obviously it is in their best interest to utilize a Operating System that is well known and doesn't require too much retraining though out their locations. Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular and user friendly operating systems this makes it the perfect choice in operating systems to keep familiarity throughout the company and not cause un due confusion to new or relocated employees. It would be wise to assume that many of these employees are familiar with windows based programs and operating systems already from their personal computer systems outside of the work place. This should create a level of comfort and...

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