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Huck Finn

By Jozone7 May 19, 2013 735 Words
The Misconception
The classifications of what a society is, are endless and quite diverse in each individuals mentality. Whether this world is a utopia, dystopia or the in-between is a subject with its many perspectives and arguments. To fully understand this situation it is necessary to give a proper explanation of each term, starting with dystopia. A dystopia is a society characterized by oppression and misery. This culture can be sought as futuristic or even the present day third world countries. The characteristics of dystopia include the unfortunate oppressed by a tyrannical government, effected by disease, disaster, and political issues making it next to impossible to find hope in life. On the contrary a utopia is the polar opposite of a dystopia, it is the ideal state that is thought of as perfect by human sanction. It is characterized by perfection and excellence leaving the world in a peaceful state. Hidden from the worlds sight and between these two expressions exists the terminology of an anti-utopia, the thought of a superlative culture, but in reality the society consists of repressive and cruel natures. The world is the appropriate representation of anti-utopia, one seemingly blocks out the bad with good. There are multiple explanations that explain the reasoning for this classification whether it is the lack of realization, narcissism, or the use of drugs. Each of the points are valid for proving this misconception between an anti-utopia and utopia. Though, through further evidence one will be able to realize the worlds anti-utopian characteristics through the use of literary elements and worldly events.

On March 5, 2012, “Kony 2012” spread through the social media like a virus through, revealing the tragic events occurring in central Africa and Uganda. This clip exposes the horrendous activities of Africa’s cult leader, Joseph Kony. For 26 years the world was unaware of the horrific events occurring in Africa. Thousands of children were made into Kony’s personal child soldiers and sex slaves leaving tens of thousands of children traumatized for the rest of their lives. After describing is these harrowing experiences , the escapee from the video clip with the name of Jacob Acaye states , “It is better to die, then stay on earth.” This statement shows the extreme of events these children went through. They have suffered so much that they wish upon death, they do not want to endure anymore of this awful life. Yet ninety-nine percent of the world’s population wasn’t even aware of these tragic actions that have been occurring for over the 26. This is prime model of how the world believes it is in the classification of a utopia yet events and problems such at this are happening proving it to comprise of all the characteristics of an anti-utopia.

Another attesting illustration that provides evidence of this anti-utopian society is a 1953 literary novel composed by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451. “This novel brings forth the futuristic United States and presents a society where all books are outlawed”(Fahrenheit 451 Wikipedia). During this novel there is two specific characters. The most acknowledged character is Guy Montag, he is a firemen that is in charge of burning books, yet he finds himself in a pickle we he secretly starts collecting and bringing these books home to read. While he finds himself in the amidst of these addicting novels, his wife, Mildred, is addicted to sleeping pills and is completley absorbed to the shallow drama’s on her flat screen TV. The times these two live in are very awful, yet Millie doesn’t recognize the oppressive society around them. Her perspective is so clouded by the sleeping pills she takes and her flat screen TV, it gives her the idea that life around her is happy and carefree. Mildred doesn’t happen to be the only one that is running from the depressing society. After the two operators are done reviving Mildred from her overdose, one speaks of how frequent theses overdoses have become Bradbury says, "The operator's cigarette moved on his lips. We get these cases nine or ten a night. Got so many, starting a few years ago, we had the special machines built"(Bradbury 45). This quote proves that the society is so depressed the with culture around them that they are using drugs to give the community another appearance, an appearance that they believe to be happy and carefree.

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