Huckleberry Finn

Topics: Mississippi River, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain Pages: 7 (2783 words) Published: February 13, 2013
1. In the novel, the Mississippi River acts as the center of the novel, it plays an important symbolic figure. To the main characters, Jim and Huck, the river is their place for freedom and adventure. Both of these characters were stuck in a society that they did not want to be a part of (Huck, tired of ‘sivilized’ folks; Jim, of being a slave). Jim views the river as freedom and poverty from his former slavery and Huck finds the river to be somewhere he can be himself. By making an escape to the calm and peaceful river, Huck and Jim express their aversion towards society. 2. The person in this novel that showed true nobility of character was Jim. He was first introduced to the readers as the slave that worked under Miss Watson. Although Jim appears to be idiotic and senseless due to his belief in absurd stories, he later turns out to be the character with compassion and loyalty. As the novel progresses, we actually see Jim transform into a father figure for Huck. Despite his separation from his family and risking his life for his freedom, Jim remains positive and protects Huck as if he were his own child. Jim is consistently noble and loyal in all his actions and proves the be the only fit adult role model for Huck. 3. For Huck Finn, there is no clear line between honesty and dishonesty. There are times when he tells the truth and times when he knowingly lies. Huck differentiates each side according to loyalty and betrayal, he is truthful to the ones he is loyal towards (Jim, victims to duke and king, etc.) and dishonest to people who deserve it (duke and king). Huck deceits when he needs to keep his bigger plans a secret and is honest when he needs to keep his plans going. The irony found in Huck’s constantly swaying honesty is that he admits to his dishonesty. It is also ironic that Huck seems it fit to be both truthful and dishonest to someone he is loyal to (Jim). 4. For the topic of slavery and freedom, the characters that comes to mind are Jim and Huck. Jim pursued the journey on the Mississippi River in hopes of finding freedom from his slave life. Huck isn’t escaping from slavery but he hopes to find freedom from the clutches of civilization and society, which he repeats to be suffocating for him. By escaping these two different things, they hope to achieve happiness. Jim’s freedom can be achieved by reaching the northern states, but for Huck, freedom means escaping the prejudices of slavery and other things that society has imprinted into his brain. Ironically, Huck who holds an obvious conflicting mind over slavery, still helps Jim run away. 5. Huck’s journey to freedom started from his desire to escape the clutches of his father and civilization. Determined to be free of his past, he even made it look like he was killed off. Huck is physically free and roaming the Mississippi River, but mentally he is still enslaved by prejudices put into his mind by society. Huck encounters an assortment of people that lead him to rely on himself and not the ideals that he has been taught. Also essential in his journey to freedom is his friendship with Jim. Huck struggles with Jim’s humanity, but overcomes it on the basis that Jim is not just a “nigger” he is his friend. To achieve his freedom, Huck would have to discard his old beliefs and accept Jim to be his equal, Huck fails to do so and is not completely free. 6. Jim’s journey to freedom starts from his desire to escape slavery. His freedom simply depends upon reaching the northern states, or as he would call it, Cairo. His journey is not a simple one as they continue to encounter people that are looking for him due to the large reward. Ironically, rather than heading north, Jim and Huck head into the deep South, where slavery is esteemed. Jim encounters bumps in the road as he is captured as well as sold. In the end, Jim is eventually freed. What’s funny is that Jim and Huck were working so hard to free Jim from captivity when he was already freed by Miss...
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