Huckleberry Finn

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Mississippi River Pages: 6 (1338 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Ko, Sam
English Per 4

Honors English Summer Assignment

1) Traits: uneducated, young, and individualistic
Throughout the book, it is hinted and notified that Huck Finn is the narrator. As the reader continues to read, he or she realizes the amount of slang and many misspelled words. The Book is written through Huck's perspective. Because Huck has many misspelled words, slang and, grammatical errors, I can conclude that he is uneducated in literature. When Reading the book, it is obvious to the readers that Huck is a very young; and has a very boyish nature. In the beginning of the book, Huck explains his childish memories and experiences, further showing his young and boyish nature. This is an important trait because this ultimately builds up excitement and climax of the story. After carefully reading the book, readers are able to see the individualistic characteristics portrayed by Huck. This can be seen on the part of him and his father, and how he long to break away from his father's grasp. This is an important characteristic because of this trait; Huck is able to mentally mature as a sorry continues. This also helps build the climax of the story.

2) Traits: loyal, mature, and observant
Throughout the book, Jim is displayed as a character of loyalty. No matter what the situation, or how hard it may be Jim remains loyal to his friends. Specifically in time such as the boat and the robbers, Jim shows loyalty when helping and not leaving Huck. Every time Huck was in trouble, Jim was always there to help. This characteristic is portrayed throughout the book. When someone is mature, they display characteristics calmness and common sense. Throughout the book, Jim's very mature characteristic helps him and Huck to make the right decisions for example, when they are on Jackson's Island, Jim is very observant and sees the frightened birds. After seeing how nervous and frightened birds are where Jim is able to use his common sense to predict a storm. Because of Jim's observant nature, he is able to identify and help himself and Huck on their journey. This is important because it shows the knowledge of Jim and ultimately changes the out course of the story. Specifically, Jim uses his observant nature to identify the King and Duke to be fakes. However, after using common sense, Jim realizes the men would be able to overpower him and him and Huck so remain silent.

4) a) Allusion
During the book, Jim explains how he would save all his money and buy back the two kids from their master, and if they didn’t he would hire an abolitionist. He was aluding the Abolitionist Movement. This conveys the theme of loyalty how Jim was going to do anything to get the two kids back.

b) Symbolism
An example of symbolism as used in the passage is the symbol of the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River in my opinion symbolizes freedom, because Huck and Jim used it to escape society. This conveys the theme of racism and slavery. This was used to show how little freedom slaves had and how hard it was for them.

c) Simile or Metaphor
In chapter 11, there is a simile used, “I reckon I shook like a leaf.” This explains how nervous Huck was. This conveys the theme of truth. Because Huck was lying, he became very scared.

d) Irony
In chapter 9, Huck explains how he told him to lay down and covered him with a quilt, because he believed that people could tell the difference from a white person from a black person a long distance away. When they really can’t. This conveys the theme of common sense. Because it’s obvious from a long...
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