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Section 1 : Operating System

Research, investigate and document areas relating to memory management of any Operating System of your choice. Areas to be discussed in your research documentation to include among other areas, how memory is managed including mechanisms and strategies used, problems faced by these techniques and solutions to overcome them. ( Virtual memory, single partition, overlay and variable memory such first feed, best feed and worst feed. )

A computer is a machine that can process data and produce result in an electronic form. A complete computer system must consist of 3 major components which are hardware, software and data. Computer system must consist of few important hardware for example like Central Processing Unit ( CPU ), Memory, Input/Output devices and storage components.

Storage can group to primary storage and secondary storage. Primary storage also call Random Access Memory ( RAM ) are crucial to computer system and are most important partner to CPU. Primary storage also called volatile memory requires power to maintain the data stored. Modern computer RAM are Static RAM ( SRAM ) and Dynamic RAM ( DRAM ). A memory chip build by integrated circuit ( IC ) consists of millions capacitors and transistors to form memory cells that can store data of 1’s or 0’s bit. Famous mathematicians John von Neumann proposing a Stored Program Concept which greatly affect modern computer architecture. Von Neumann Architecture will store both data and instructions of programs to memory.

Main purpose of memory is store programs and instructions that CPU needed to process. Number of instructions and data that can stored to memory determine by size of RAM in Bytes. A mid range modern computer system nowadays will have 1GB ( 1024 x 1024 x 1024 Bytes ) size. The size of memory increase rapidly as program and operation system grows bigger and more complex.
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