Hsm/270 Checkpoint 1

Topics: Thought, Need, Cognition Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: December 5, 2010
The relationship between program planning and grant proposal.

Program planning is designing a program or service that is needed in a certain area or city. A plan that he or she tries to come up with to develop a program that will work better or help serve people in need or even make a company better. A program helps with the goals, objectives, activities, rules, and procedures that a company or program needs to successfully run. Program planning starts the process and the grant to work. Program planning has a process to achieve particular future goals. Also a program planning can be for a service that is need of an upgrade so the planning of any program needs to have a clear understanding a problems addressed to have a grant approval. Grant proposals need the same information as within the planning of that certain program to be approved. With a grant proposal asking for money to supply that need of a program it is like they go hand in hand a service is needed the homeless and the grant required to supply the housing and other cost needed. From reading the text these two things go together when both of them involve logical thinking and are objective driven. A program is a plan and a grant is money. A similarity is a program planning is what someone has in mind to start and a grant is what that person needs to have that program run. A difference is they are of course different things a program again being on paper as a planned idea and a grant being a planned idea for money.
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