Alternative Funding Checkpoint Hsm 270

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Alternative Funding

Alternative Funding
Alternative funding can go many different ways for Scenario 3 the Peace Domestic Violence Agency. Alternative funding takes planning, a positive attitude and determination. Some steps taken to raise funding is critical such as readiness, research, reality, request and relationship between you and donor.

The board of directors of the Peace Domestic Violence Agency will provide readiness material to distribute to all staff, such as; the fund raising plan, purpose and expectations. Research is the beginning of needed knowledge that helps lead to the right donors by reviewing their giving patterns and strategic areas of interest of these donors. A list of possible donors may be of local businesses old and new, volunteers near and far and the public. Reality is a step that indicates the best prospect. A strategy need to be formed for each prospect. For example; men, women and children have been affected by domestic violence. Education, health, awareness and some tender loving care of these victims will help promote healing for these victims. A local spa may be expressed to of the benefit of their donation short term and long term. An expression that a donation of a free mini spa treatment can boost stress relief of the victims and help promote advertisement as well. Another example; may be to local shelters that are up and running that is always turning away people due to lack of room, by offering a proposal of joining forces to meet the same goal of meeting the client’s needs. Relationship is a natural process to follow by allowing all prospective donors to know the main mission of this agency, which is to reduce trauma, empower survivors and promote recovery. The requesting the funding forces a preparation process that proposes thoughts to be organized, staying brief, be clear, requesting a certain amount of funding and follow...
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