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Topics: Abuse, Human rights, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 37 (11453 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Night shift

I start work at 19.45 we have a handover meeting this is to discuss all the residents and what has happened in the course of the day and to see if there is any action required I:E observations.

My unit is split into to 2 floors so after the handover two people go downstairs 1 stays on the floor the other does 1-1 on a resident, this is because they are a danger to themselves. The people that are upstairs care for the residents,1 stays on the floor while two go round the room of the residents that are in bed to make sure they are safe or if they need personal care, if they do we use gloves to assist them withering pad change,bedding change,or clothes. If we have to do any of these we dispose of the soiled pad in a plastic bag and then disposed in the clinical waste. If the residents have soiled bedding or clothes they are put in a red bag and put in laundry.

Throughout the night we do hourly checks this is to make sure they are safe and not fell out of bed or anything else,we also do several pad rounds throughout the night

The residents that are up when we start work are assisted to there room when they are ready for bed they are given personnel care clean pad and nightwear put on and assisted into bed.

At around 6.30 in the morning if there are any residents that are up we will get them ready for the day. This includes given personal care, which includes washing or showering,shave if a man, clean teeth,and put clean clothes and pad on if worn,they are then brought to the lounge for a drink and something to eat if they want it.


Outcome 1

1)People communicate in many different ways like if they are in pain,hungry, sad,scared,upset, they may also be deaf or had a stroke were they may use special equipment or you sign language they also might use picture cards,it can be vital to make a person quality of life much better if they are communicating that they are in pain or upset. People communicate to pass on information,express their needs and emotions and to work together. Also to build on relationships.

2)Communication is important in all aspects of work,first of all the person you are supporting and there family and friends. You will also have to communicate with your work colleagues and other professionals,they way that you communicate will differ from person to person.

3)All communication has an effect on the person you are communicating with,it is a two way process and is important to observe an individual reactions so you know whether they have understood what you are either telling them or asking them to do something, people communicate through speaking,facial expression,body language. When communicating with people maintain eye contact but avoid starring,sit where you can be seen,you can use touch to communicate you care and concern if appropriate

Outcome 2

1)It is that you make sure you can communicate with the people you support in the best way for them, you could ask the person you are supporting what there needs are but if they cannot communicate well you can always ask your colleagues or find out in there personnel folders, you can also talk to the family as they would have a great deal of information. Make sure you have all the skills necessary to communicate don't be frightened to ask for help. When you have found the right way or what there preferences are record it so it can be a help to your colleagues,this could be a great help if they have sensory ability or self confidence or learning disability

2)There are many ways you can communicate with people, if a person is deaf or hard of hearing you make sure they have working batteries in there hearing aids if worn, you can use sign language,a person who is visual impaired you can let them know you are there by giving them a gentle touch and say your name so not to frighten them , people with...
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