give us a fighting chance

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There are many different aspects to your health care provider’s behavior, speech, dress, and techniques that could be considered ritualistic.
These ritualistic acts seem to start from phone call, and continue to your aftercare. There are many steps included in seeking medical care. Whether you are trying to receive a check-up, or you are seeking treatment from a specialist, it usually starts with an appointment. If you already have a doctor than you should have better luck being seen on an emergency basis, but if this is the first time you are being seen, it will most likely take you at least 30 days before you get to see a doctor. This seems to be a practice with new patience, and with healthcare as a hole. All the waiting that we must do to be seen by a doctor.

After the wait, and your appointment date finally arrives, you wait in line to speak to the receptionist to give them your information. Such as name, phone number, and appointment time. You are then asked to take a seat in the waiting room, and wait for your name to be called.

The nurse calls your name, and you follow them to an examination room. At this time you may be asked to step onto a scale so they can take your weight, or have a cuff placed around your arm to take your blood pressure. Many questions may be asked, they will differ depending on what your visit is for. Next you will be left alone in the room to wait, to be seen by the doctor.

Depending on what your visit is for, you may be asked to undress, and put on a gown, a robe type covering for your body that ties in the back.
The doctor will most likely knock on the door before entering the room you occupy, to ensure privacy, or to make sure you have had a chance to cover up. She, or he, is sometimes dressed in a white lab coat, or maybe scrubs, but most likely will have on some form of business attire, to show professionalism. If you are not already sitting on the examining table, then you may be asked to do so. The doctor...
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