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A Guide to Strategic Human Resource Planning 2009
1. Introduction This document serves as a guide to organizations (public, parastatal and private) in the planning of human resources at organization level. Organizations/Companies in Seychelles, just like others operating in different countries, must now operate in a rapidly changing business environment. These changes have important implications for HRM practices. To ensure that management practices support business needs, organizations must continually monitor changing environmental conditions and devise HRM strategies for dealing with them. The procedure used to tie human resource issues to the organization’s business needs is called strategic human resource planning. In accordance with the National Human Resources Development Policy, each employing organization should have an employee dedicated to the coordination and implementation of human resource planning and development. That person should serve as the focal point for human resources planning and development matters in liaison with the NHRDC. 2. Purpose of Strategic HR Planning A comprehensive Human Resource Strategy plays a vital role in the achievement of an organization’s overall strategic objectives and visibly illustrates that the human resources function fully understands and supports the direction in which the organization is moving. A comprehensive HR Strategy will also support other strategic objectives undertaken by the operational Departments/Divisions of the organization. In essence, an HR strategy should aim to capture ‘’the people element’’ of what an organization is hoping to achieve in the medium to long term, ensuring that:It has the right people in place It has the right mix of skills Employees display the right attitudes and behaviours, and Employees are developed in the right way. If, as is sometimes the case, organization strategies and plans have been developed without any human resource input, the justification for the HR strategy may be National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC) Page 1

A Guide to Strategic Human Resource Planning 2009
more about teasing out the implicit people factors which are inherent in the plans, rather than simply summarizing their explicit ‘’people’’ content.

3. Making the HR Strategy integral to the organization The human resources practitioner should ensure that the HR Strategy is integrated with broader organizational objectives. Above all, it should ensure that the rest of the organization accepts the strategy. To achieve this objective, practitioners should:Consult all stakeholders on the nature of the strategy; Cultivate and develop allies and supporters of the strategy through the consultation process; Focus on the benefits which are being derived from the strategy through talking to and persuading others, and by marketing the benefits of the strategy with concrete examples of how it has helped; Checked that there is real commitment to the strategy at all levels of the organization; Give regular feedback on the implementation of the plan through meetings and other forums; Where possible, build into the strategy quantifiable outcomes which can be easily monitored and evaluated, so that it is possible to show the effect; Make the strategy part of the induction process – especially for senior managers. 4. A Strategic Human Resource Planning Model There is no single approach to developing a Human Resources Planning Strategy. The specific approach will vary from one organization to another. Even so, an excellent approach towards a HR Strategic Planning System is evident in the model presented below. This approach identifies six specific steps in developing a HR Strategic planning system: 1. 2. 3. 4. Setting the strategic direction Designing the Human Resource Management System Planning the total workforce Generating the required human resources Page 2

National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC)

A Guide to Strategic Human Resource...

References: Michael Armstrong, 1999. A handbook of Human Resource Management Practice Richard Stafford, 2007. EU/UNDP National Capacity Building Programme for State and Non-State Actors in Seychelles
National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC)
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