Hrm, Performance Mgmt.

Topics: Performance appraisal, 360-degree feedback, Wire Pages: 7 (1573 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Performance Management

Assignment No.I

Assignment Code: 2013HR03A1Last Date of Submission: 15th April 2013
Maximum Marks:100

Attempt all the questions. All the questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.

Ques.1Discuss the role of Performance Planning in setting performance criteria for
achievement of goals of an organization. Explain with an example how an organization
attempts to synchronize individual performance targets with organizational goals.

Ques.2“Performance Management –It’s about performing not just appraising” comment on
the statement using theoretical concepts to support your answer.

Ques.3Elucidate the role of HR departments in the successful implementation of
performance appraisal system in organizations.

Ques.4Explain why KPAs and performance targets form the building blocks of any good
performance planning system?

Case Study

In response to an advertisement Murali Dhar Yadav applied for the post of an assistant supervisor at Kanpur unit of Manorama Industries (P) Ltd., leading manufacturers of telephone cables. He was 22 and had passed the intermediate examination in science from Uttar Pradesh Board securing a second class as well as a three-year Diploma in mechanical engineering from Allahabad Polytechnic. The selection was made in the last week of December, 2005 through scientific procedures including screening, psychological tests, group discussion, interview and medical check-up and as Yadav was found to be the most suitable person among 34 applicants, the management was pleased to offer him the position.

Yadav joined the company and after completing six months’ training successfully he was formally placed as an assistant supervisor on Rs.8000/- p.m. in the extrusion section dealing with the coating of polyvinyl chloride on copper or bunched cables. He supervised approximately 60 workers and reported to the general supervisor. His duties and responsibilities in this position included planning, training new operators, chasing schedules, developing new methods, inspection and quality checks etc. etc.

Yadav’s performance as assistant supervisor from the very beginning was found to be uniformally efficient. His general behavior in the company towards his superiors, fellow-supervisors and workers was highly appreciable. He used to participate actively in informal get-togethers and parties in the canteen of the company. He inspired confidence, respect and enthusiasm in his subordinates. He was instrumental in increasing production and did not hesitate to work with his own hands. He welcomed responsibilities and did not pass on the buck. On the recommendation of the general supervisor, he was confirmed in his position.

Later on, Baldev Prasad Sinha, an assistant supervisor in the cabling section, took three months’ leave, and Yadav was transferred to this section for the specified period of time. Yadav again demonstrated his ability and leadership qualities while handling responsibilities of the new section. Then, he was placed again in the extrusion section.

In course of time, Rakesh Kochar, a production supervisor (shift in-charge) of the extrusion section was transferred to Kolkata unit of the company and to fill-up the vacancy thus created the general supervisor recommended the name of Yadav on the following grounds:

1. He had fair knowledge of extrusion, cabling and tinning. 2. He could get things done and had a control over the workers. 3. He was the senior most diploma holder in the extrusion department. 4. He took responsibilities willingly.

5. He had potential for leadership.

The management was pleased to accept the above recommendation and promoted Yadav as a Production Supervisor (shift in-charge) at a salary of Rs.15,000/- p.m.

Gradually the factory expanded, more workers were employed and more machines were brought. However, it was found...
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