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Topics: Human resource management, Management, Human resources Pages: 37 (6132 words) Published: July 27, 2013
VSRD International Journal of Business and Management Research, Vol. 2 No. 1
December 2012
ISSN No. 2231
248X (Online), 2319
International Journals
Assistant Professor, MBA Department,
Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.
Human Resource Management is a process which brings people & organization together to meet the organ izational goal. But over
the past
years, Human Resource Management has evolved conside
rably and experienced a major transformation in form and functions. Driven by a number of significant internal and external environmental forces, HRM has progressed from a largely maintenance function, with little if any bottom line impact, to what many sc

holars and practitioners today regard as the source of sustained competitive advantage for organizations operating in a global economy.
If we go to previous era most of the enterprises had ad hoc management practices where the managers were the owners. The
systems that exist today in the civil services were inherited from the British colonial period. In 1 974, the Ethiopian regime
nationalized all
private firms and hierarchical management practice was implemented with the establishment of pers onnel management departments.
The paper will
raise the relevant issues in detail regarding the current employment practices (human resource manag ement) in the selected
organizations. In this section, we would like to pay attention to some factors that are more likely to challenge
rs in general, and the
government in particular, in the future with regard to HRM. Firstly, the impacts of brain drain priv atization and globalizati
on. Secondly, the
role of Human Resource is changing from that of a protecto
r & screener to the role of planner & change agents. Thirdly, the changing demography of the workforce and their expectation from the organization they are associated. We beli eve that to succeed in th

e years up to
2020, executives will need to master a ran
ge of hard and soft skills for which they will require the confidence to manage multi -
Well said by
David Ulrich

“HR should not be defined by what it does but by what it delivers”. Keywords
in HRM,
Brain Drain,
Globalization, Privatization
, C
hange Champion, Employee Advocate, Changes
Strategic Partners, Generation
X and Y
Human resource (or personnel) management is the sense of
getting things done through people. It's an essential part of every manager's responsibilities, but many organizations
find it advantageous to establish a specialist division to
provide an expert ser
vice dedicated to ensuring that the
human resource function is performed efficiently.
"People are our most valuable asset" .The reality for many
organizations is that their people remain:

Under valued

Under trained

Under utilized

Poorly motivated, and

Perform well below their true capability
The rate of change facing organizations has never been
greater and organizations must absorb and manage change
at a much faster rate than in the past. In order to implement a successful business strat
egy to face this challenge,
organizations, large or small, must ensure that they have the right people capable of delivering the strategy.
The market place for talented, skilled people is competitive and expensive. Taking on new staff can be disruptive to
existing employees. Also, it takes time to develop 'cultural awareness', product/ process/ organization knowledge and
experience for new staff members.
As organizations vary in size, aims, functions, complexity,...

References: AMR Research, 2006: The Human Capital Management
Applications Report,
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