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How Organisation Manage Their Workforce?


Short summary:-4
Workforce Diversity:-6
Changing nature of HRM: -6
HRM role in managing workforce:-6
According to Federal & state laws:-6
Recruiting: -7
Selection: -8
Training & Development: -8
Performance management: -9
Employee Relation & Reward System: -10
Conclusion: -10
Recommendation: -10

Short summary:-
In this assignment we are going to discuss how to manage workforce of organization through HRM. In organization why we need to mange workforce? How to achieve organization goal & its objectives through HRM? In organization what are challenges for HRM department? Etc... Introduction:-

Now a day we known world is changing very fast. Every organization going international level, we see the organization have braches in different country. However, today the world become small like village & is changing day by day more rapidly because of globalization. Looking this changing around world then we have to prepare HRM for our organization because this changing of world affect our work. This means considerate the allegation of globalization, global economy, competition, technological advancement, knowledge based economy, more expectation from employee, workforce diversity and etc... Let’s see some of them how this changing effect HRM goals, objectives & practice. Globalization:-

Fast changing of world & its environment, the organization members face the globalization of business. Now day’s organization is no longer controlled by nationwide boundaries. Example: - BMW, this company owned from Germany but this company manufacture its Cars in South Carolina. Same McDonald’s have braches in different country around the world; they sale “Hamburgers” in china. American company Exxon is collecting it sale revenue more than “three-fourths” outside of USA. This example shows that the world becomes very small like “global village”, manufacturing and producing goods & service around the world. It’s effective in this global market, so organization members need to familiarize with country cultures, its system, and use “technique different from own”. In today world famous organization of America, like Coca- Cola, Wal-Mart, AFLAC this organization obtain major part of their annual revenues from overseas process. The increase of worldwide and conglomerate firm places fresh wants on HR managers. For occasion, HR must make sure that they have right employees with good skills, knowledge, and they have culture compliance to handle international work. Every country has their own rules, regulation and has different values, customs, political, laws and etc. HR mangers have to understand the societal issues (like e.g. status) that can be effect the process of organization in some country. Every country always has different rule & regulation in compare to other country. In America, laws protector against company taking action against workers exclusively on the necessary of a workers age. And not all country has same laws. HRM also need to develop method which help multicultural people work individuals on one platform. In organization more common, employee clash is possibly increased in “background, language, custom, or age difference”. HRM need to make groups and find to build proper teams & tried to reduce clash. Technology:-

Because of technology the world become very small and we see there are lot of changes around us due to technology, before 25 years ago we don’t find computer, net, mobile, fax & Xerox machine, and many advance machinery & devices. Now a day we using in our daily life, without this think we can’t do our daily activities. Day today new technology coming in market we see first computer after that laptop now a day we see note book and I pad. “The silicon chip and other advances in technology have...

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