Hrm Final Project

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Final Project HRM 240
Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
HRM 240
September 30, 2012
Tracy Thompson

Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
Executive Summary
The human resources aid I have provided to the human resources department (HRD) are directed at giving the human resources department(HRD) a detail look into what kind of recruits my department is looking for in new employees. The aids I have provided in this document give a detail look into the role of the mortgage processor on how our management staff would like for the human resources department to hire and train new employees for the role of mortgage processors. The minimum requirements that we are looking for will be clearly defined that way the best suited recruiters will be hired. I feel that my aids will also help to ensure that new employees understand what kind of behavior will be expected from them and what their responsibilities’ and expectations are. It will also be the human resources department role to explain benefits and incentives to the new employees so that the new employees are optimistic about their new employment. By working hand in hand with management and the human resources department in hiring and training new employees we will also be working towards meeting the company’s goals and will be more cost efficient. Selection Process

Once it has been confirmed by the human resources department and management how employees are needed to fill the open positions for the mortgage loan processor, recruiters will look for the most qualified applicants for the job. Recruiters will want to have candidates fill out an application and use one of our guides to see if the candidates meet the minimum requirements needed. The human resources department and management might want to start looking for applicants within the company, Customer Service Relations Managers are under mortgage processors and some that have been in their positions for a proper amount of time...
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