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HR Practices
Hughes Software Systems
1. Managers give “Snap Awards” for individual and team achievements to their teams when they excel or do something outstanding. These are usually given during the quarterly staff meetings where all employees participate and this is followed by a party.

2. There are Annual Achievement Award under four categories: Most Initiatives
Best Customer Orientation
Best Team Worker
Most Innovative.

Managers send nominations every year and a task force of senior managers picks the winners.

3. There are Presidential Awards for overall excellence. These are given annually and are in four categories: Engineering
Business Development
Engineering/Customer Support.

4. There is an award for Best People and Project Managers, given to two best managers and leaders each year.

Popular Awards provide very powerful peer recognition. This is very credible and most satisfying. The winners are then put in special roles e.g. the winner of “Best Leader” award is the one who conducts the session on leadership in the development program for managers. The person chosen as the “Best Mentor” leads the implementation of the mentoring program.

5. Employees who show capability, initiative and interest are appointed to work and lead in several cross-functional taskforces from time to time.

6. E-greetings have been operational is HSS through the intranet to send appreciation to other employees. Special cards suited to the HSS environment are available. This is a god way of recognizing and appreciating others, especially for those who find face to face appreciation somewhat uncomfortable.

7. Recently HSS organized a painting competition for the children of HSS employees. This special even brought froth the talent and creativity of the participating children. The New Year cards for 2001 have been made using eight of the best paintings selected in this painting competition. All the 72 paintings will be displayed at the HSS kids Gallery at Gurgaon and Bangalore. This has helped HSS to build a more family like environment. CISCO

The way we have empowered our line managers needs to be mentioned first in this regard. We have provided them with HR tools, technologies, online tools etc., which give them an edge over their counterparts in other organizations. At the click of a button, a manager can look at the database of his/her own people, track history of development, increments, promotions, stock options etc. They are also given the rating and ranking tools. They could recommend changes and training needs and they could draw upon the resources available. Technology is deployed in a very effective way. Mind Tree Consulting

Once in three to four weeks, we call up our employees and give them information as to what is happening. Whenever there is a project win or a customer delivery, we ring the bell in the company to inform everybody. We have the CEO’s snapshots which is released once in two weeks, the in-house magazine, meet the “Mind Tree Minds” (the way we call our employees), where the computer selects some names at random and they meet the senior people to get the right perspective of what they are doing, why they should do it, etc, and to make sure that there is enough interaction. All these things enhance communication, security, sense of belonging and commitment towards the organization. Air Tel

We strongly believe in ‘softer skills’ such as working in teams, inter-personals skills, communication skills, creative thinking, entrepreneurial skills etc.

I am not sure if they are unique, but we have a policy like ‘HR Reach out’. Every HR member is assigned a department. He/She works with the department very closely not only to proactively enable employees perform but also to partner with the business and influence business processes and policies.

Few more would be the ‘Customer Contact...
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