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Why is it essential to evaluate on what your team needs and wants to achieve?

Creating a focus around team needs and design goals and asking, as well as answering the hard design questions as a team is an effective way of coalescing a team around one design direction.

How is the ground rules for team operations made in your workplace and tasks and responsibilities shared?

Ground rules must be clear, consistent, agreed-to, and followed. Where articulated ground rules are missing, natural behavior patterns often emerge spontaneously. * We intend to develop personal relationships to enhance trust and open communication. * We value constructive feedback. We will avoid being defensive and give feedback in a constructive manner. List some of the personal rewards and simulation offered to team members acknowledging their excellent performance.

* Basic to advanced job-related computer software training to employees. * In-house management and supervisory training to all supervisors/managers across departments, including programs ranging from conflict management to grammar skills. * Employees are exposed to work that is award winning and cutting edge as evidenced by the numerous awards continuously received. Also, new employees have a unique opportunity to work with proven leaders in their respective fields.

What are some of the challenges you have faced when you tried to bring innovation in your team?

* Increased effectiveness and efficiencies;
* Delivering fresh thinking and new ideas;
* Creating synergies across different functions;
* Product and service development.

1. With examples explain how external factors contribute innovation in teams. * Management
* Manpower
* Machine
* material and
* political
* enviroment
* socia-cultural
* technological and...
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