Hr Management Case Study

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1.Introduction of Company – Matex International Limited
Matex Internation Limited was incorporated on 30 September 1989 and started its operation in Singapore with a name of Matex Specialty Chemical Pte Ltd under the leadership of Dr. Alex Tan Pang Kee. The company is mainly involving in businesses of manufacturing, formulation and sale of textile dyestuffs and auxiliaries for the textile industry. (Cited, 05 December 2011)

Matex has been listed in Singapore Stock Exchange main board since Feb, 2004 with its headquarter in Singapore. The company core business is selling reactive dyestuffs, auxiliaries and sale of some 3rd party products as a support service to its value customers in textile industry. The total assets of the company is more than SGD 100 million with estimated net profit more than SGD 50 million. Matex has around 400 employees in few subsidiaries in few regions and country such as Singapore, Malaysia, and China while there are quite a number of distributors and agents all over the world. Its main 2 manufacturing plants are locating in China producing 30,000 metric tons of reactive dyestuffs and another plant is for production of textile auxiliaries, those supporting both local and international markets. (Cited, 05 December 2011) There are several important awards have been obtained by Matex International Limited as per below, as per stated in “Singapore SME (Small Medium Enterprise) 500, Singapore SME 500 Highest Net Profit Enterprise, Singapore Enterprise 50, Singapore 1000 Enterprise. With its subsidiaries and affiliates also receiving China Chemical Top 500 – Best Performing Top 100, China Top 500 Economic Development and China Chemical Most Potential Growing Chemical Company.”

The company competitive business strategy is to become the most competitive market leader in terms of manufacturing, researching, developing, education, marketing and providing value-added services to its customers at the same time create a “win-win” business partnership with the most outstanding results and good corporate image. By enhancing its innovation to revolution, Matex’s vision is to become a potential company full of creativity to enforce development of new idea or products to fulfill the worldwide customers. (Cited, 05 December 2011)

2.HRM Strategies Discussion and Analysis
2.1.Employee Training and Development
Noe and others (2010, p.87) states that “Training refers to a planned effort to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skill, and behavior by employees. Development involves acquiring knowledge, skills, and behavior that improve employees’ ability to meet the challenges of a variety of existing jobs or jobs that do not yet exist.”

Changes of strategy are always aligning with changes of job levels, types, knowledge and different area of working skills. Therefore, the obtaining different areas of skills is the most important factors in the implementation of the above mentioned strategy. For example, most of the companies nowadays emphasizes on the importance of Total Quality Management concept to assure their quality of products so the implementation of this business strategy is always followed by various training programs of TQM philosophy, methods and other skills that ensure quality. This view has been supported in the work of Noe and others (2010, p.88).

In Matex International Limited, internal trainings provided by the HR and management team such as product knowledge training, enhanced technology training (IT system-related), technical training relevant to products testing and etc. By sending employees to external seminars such...

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