Brose Case Study Answer

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October 14, 2013

Brose Case Study

1. What is the Brose Groups business and what are the critical success factors (CSF’s) in a business like Brose’s? [lists] a) The Brose Groups business
Supplies auto mobile parts such as windows, doors, seat adjusters, and so on to more than 40 auto brands Runs 45 factories in 25 different countries. Ex) production plants and joint ventures in Song-Do, Korea Manages the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution of finished goods on a global scale Manages a world-wide workforce of approximately 14,000 employees

b) The critical success factors in a business like Brose's?
Well-organized supply chain management for more than a thousand different business processes Data management
Just-in-time process
Long, stable relationships with important customers
Standardized business processes no matter where factories are located Ability to scrutinize and put current and historical sales and production data to work

2. What operational, management and control, and corporate learning/innovation challenges were faced by Brose during its rapid expansion over the last two decades? [table] Types of problems
Time commitment to satisfy a
customer's order
Capacity of inventories in each facility
Lack of links between many business processes
Difficult to retrieve customer's data or suppliers data from other departments Complicated to analyze inventory status, thus it might lead to wrong prediction about the firm's ability to store finished products Lack of collaboration between

Management & Control
Difficult in standardizing and
monitoring each department and
facilities around the world
Hard to manage a lot of complicated data - led to lack of
communication among suppliers,
plants, and customers
Difficult in transmitting a lot of data to many facilities in different countries Sales department might have made
mistakes in receiving...
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