Kusatex Finest Textiles

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This case study told us about Kusatex Finest Textiles. It is a bumiputra company with more than 20 years textile industry. The owner of this company is Shafiqurrahman Shamsuddin @ Shafiq that holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Statistics from London and pursued his MBA in Anglia Business School of Cambridge. Before Shafiq established this company, he lead the Business Development Department of RADICARE Group of Companies that provides non-clinical support services to hospitals, medical institutions and healthcare professionals. He also holds various positions in UMNO association since 2002 until 2009.

Before he starts the Kusatex Finest Textiles company, he established the first company which is ISBEC Sdn Bhd that located in KEDA Industrial Park in Jeniang, Sik, Kedah at the year 2002. This company was used as like the RADICARE’s management to solve the company’s service in healthcare and hospitality industries. In early 2000, the government was launching a scheme of ‘1 Village 1 Product’ and Shafiq was expanded his business as a manufacturing company in 2003 using a different license from ISBEC Sdn Bhd based on that scheme as proposed by the Ministry of Finance.

Not long after that, he started the Kusatex Finest Textiles company as his first fabric weaving factory in Bandar Darulaman, Jitra, Kedah. This company is an expertise in manufacturing and producing high quality fabric products which include uniforms, towels, linen and bedding to government departments and the private sector. In 2004, the factory moved to KEDA Industrial Park in Napoh near Jitra with a wider acreage and operated from there until today to increase the demand of customers and production. KUSATEX was supply the army, navy, air force, hospitals, fire bridge and PLKN uniforms, towels, bed sheets and others. Mr. Shafiq is very strict in managing his people. He wants his staff to follow job procedure and ensure the work done with adequate preparation. He is also very...
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