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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Applied ethics Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: April 12, 2013
HR Ethical Decision Making

B1 Strategies
Based on the events that transpired with the elevated traces of lead, I feel that as a company we need to implement strategies that will ensure our company performs at the highest ethical decision making at all times. The first strategy we should implement is to have quarterly ethics training. These sessions will be done quarterly so all staff will see and hear our ethics training. According to a National Business Ethics Survey, the level of ethical misconduct remains high, with nearly half (49%) of respondents observing misconduct at work in the twelve months prior to the survey (Plinio, Young, & Lavery, 2010, p. 173). This will show that our company is taking a stance on ethics and we are relying on our employees to keep our ethics. If our company is relaying the same message to each staff member, our ethics should be paramount in our company. By training our staff on ethics we can strive for an environment that fosters our same ethical values. By training our staff on the ethics we believe are important, when an employee is faced with an ethical dilemma, they will know what we, as a company would do. This will help our employees recognize what a poor decision would “look” like. Another strategy we should implement is for upper management. I feel we should offer some counseling to our management team. The reason for this is so they can have a coping mechanism to rid themselves of stress. Each management member will be required to meet a minimum of bi-weekly with a counselor. By being able to rid themselves of stress it should allow for better decision making at the office. The more stressed a person is, the better chances of making mistakes or poor decisions may increase. By allowing this time, the thought would be that benefiting the management team will allow them to relay proper ethical decision making processes to their teams.

B2 Code of Ethics
Our company needs to utilize a Code of Ethics. Poor decision...
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