Question of Appearance

Topics: Ethics, Human rights, Decision making Pages: 2 (1340 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Executive Summary
What is right and what is wrong? It’s a tough question considering no two people think exactly alike. What one person finds totally acceptable another may find completely offensive. Can something be offensive even if it wasn’t thy intention? If someone were to make a statement and felt whole heartedly that it wasn’t offensive yet someone found it offensive, which is it? Is it offensive or not? It’s not as easy as saying it is or it isn’t. These situations make it very difficult at times to decide what is right and what is wrong. In this case study Maura is stuck in one of these situations. She has to make a decision that can either profit her company largely, or take a chance at losing an employee who is considered to be a rising star. Background

Jack Ridge, the Vice President of Techno Inc. is in the middle of tying up a deal with Apex Co. While visiting this very proactive and diverse company, Apex executives implied to Jack that they like their business partners to reflect these same characteristics. Although Techno is an up and coming information technology company, Jack is desperate for this multimillion-dollar contract. Jack likes his chances but begins to worry about Techno’s lack of diversity. He doesn’t want to send the wrong message to Apex and prevent a lucrative contract CITATION Unk02 \l 1033 (Unknown, 2002). This gives Jack the idea to include James Tellis, a rising star in the research department, at the presentation for Apex. James just so happens to be African American and Jack knows this will help Techno look more appealing and could possibly be his key to success. James however feels uncomfortable about deceiving Apex and is upset about being used based on the color of his skin. His feelings toward the company become bitter and he wonders if he may be at the wrong company. He’s told Maura Sprenger, HR Director, his feelings toward attending the meeting. While James doesn’t want to attend Jack would like James’ boss to...

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