Hps Action Research

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Hayangon Primary School
Action Research

Development of study habits of the Grade II pupils of Hayangon Primary School, to assist them in improving their performance in various learning areas.

January to March, 2012

As the end of the school year draws nearer, it has been observed that most grade II pupils have not yet mastered and or acquired the right study habits at home. When given assignments/home works, most pupils would hurriedly finish it in school; be it in the morning before class; during recess, and or lunch break while others have no assignments at all. Most would answer their assignments haphazardly without checking or studying their notes; as a result they will have lower scores during the checking of assignments and poor scores during long/summative tests due to lack of follow-up study at home and retention of previous lessons. Hence, lower grades.

When asked why they are not studying or doing their home works at home, frequent answers include but are not limited to no time at home for studying due to numerous household chores assigned to them, no parental supervision, lack of proper lighting and play. To assist pupils in developing the correct study habits so as to improve their school performance, the teacher made this action research.


To develop correct study habits of pupils, particularly in answering assignments at home and follow-up study in order to improve their school performance.


1.What study habit should the pupils develop?
2.What will be the reaction of the pupils to the activities given to them in developing their study habits? 3.How will the teacher carry out the alternative solutions? 4.How effective are the alternative solutions in improving the pupils’ scholastic performance?


1.Recommend a study schedule for the pupils to follow.
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