How I See Myself 20 to 30 Years from Now

Topics: Mass media, Blog, Existence Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: June 19, 2013
How I see myself 20 to 30 years from now

Achievements are part of every person’s existence. Everything we do, we strive harder for us to achieve something we are aiming for. 16 years or more of our stay in the four corners of a classroom is where we contemplate learning that will serve as our weapon as the real competitive world starts to knock on our door. Recognition, fame, wealth and position are mostly the crowning base of someone’s achievement in our society nowadays. Well, indeed it is basically an achievement but personally, I do believe that this things doesn’t matter the most, instead a person’s unexplainable feeling of happiness he/she felt whenever he/she do his/her craft is what I consider as the most marvelous richness of a human experience.

As part of this society who is fully aware of the mishaps and the call for development and change, I Rogerly Claire Ivy C. Egot see myself 20 to 30 years from now contributing in molding a better realm by simply attaining my dream. And that is to be part of the media industry. You may be thinking in what particular area I am talking about since this career path has its broad field of work. That I can’t answer right at the moment for I am still in search of the specific place where I really belong but one thing is for sure that my heart belongs to mass media. Additionally, I see myself as an author someday who publishes good books that will affect dearly my reader’s life in a very worthy approach. Even before I feel fulfillment whenever I am able to inspire other people through my stories which I consider as my dexterity. Since our generations’ trend is more on internet based my adornment evolve with what we call “ BLOGGING”. By simply hearing this one word never fails to excite me most of the time. Bloggers has their different unique concept of expressing their passion but for me one that I consider as my asset will be my chic beauty that I am about to showcase to the world. The beauty of human...
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