How I Learned English

Topics: 2002 albums, Learning, High school Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: April 12, 2013
How did i learn english? Well, i have been exposing to english since i was 9. So far it's lasted for nearly ten years. At that time English was something new to all of us, 9-year-old girls and boys. Quite easy to understand, English was not our compulsory subject at school untill we attended secondary school. Am I luckier than many of my  classmates? It's not indeed, It doesn't matter how early i did start. The matter is that we all are taught in the same ways. From the first lessons of pronoun and something like that to the other more complex gramatic ones. Thanks to that, I often got good mark with encouraging complements. Thanks to that, I also passed the entrance exam with no difficulties. English to me is nothing but exams and with many students i know it's even a nightmare. Do you feel the same with me. But that is my previous feeling. So what about now? Actually, it's completely different. It was not until I took that course that i realise how wrong i was with engglish. It shouldn't have been such boring and tiring lessons. I changed my thoughts about studying english so i had to return from the drawing board. I knew how to do the right way. I spent many hours how to pronounce all the sounds instead of grammar.  That sounds like a baby learning how to speak the first word. At first, it wasn't easy for me to remove the old things and require the new ones. However, Everything has come to me naturally and i gradually feel the real English. We all live our real lives so learn the real things. It should be indeed. From my own experieces, i come to a conclusion that: It's never too late for you for me to begin, I mean we are all in the right time to do the right things as long as we really yearn for. After a long road at last i have found my right path, first with English.
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