How a role model can affect the self image of an individual

Topics: Person, Adolescence, Individual Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: February 22, 2014
HOW A ROLE MODEL CAN AFFECT THE SELF IMAGE OF AN INDIVIDUAL. Many people in the UK aspire to be successful in life and to become like an individual that they have a vision of becoming like in the future or even at that point in time in the individuals life. A survey carried out the teenage society shows that many teenager about 98.2% are head over heels ready to become successful in the future and some even build castles in the skies while trying to demonstrate how famous they want to be or how successful they want to be, however fewer than 50% have role models to lead or guide them to their destinations in life or reach the top of the mountains as they wish in their dreams. Research also shows almost 99% of teenagers are influenced celebrities and it is a fact that many teenagers want to be like celebrities and as time flies follows them as role models by getting connected with them on social networks like twitter, face book and many more. A role model or a mentor is an individual who an individual looks up to and also learns from or a role model can also be defined as an individual who influences another person either in a positive or negative way. Role models can be a teacher, a parent or a family member, or even a celebrity. Self-image means simple means the intellectual state of the person’s self. Role models can influence an individual’s life positively in many ways; some role models if a close relative can help improve their academic status by encouraging and also helping them to pursue their education. Celebrities like prime ministers or even presidents as role models can influence teenager to bury their heads in their books and concentrate on their education. Role models can help an individual’s change bad habits and addictions such as smoking and drug. When their role models sit them down and counsel them and draw action plans for them and they go according to it, they are likely to give up smoking and drug. Some decent positioned celebrities can...
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