Roles and Responsibilities of a Coach

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Role model

A role model is described as a person who presents a positive influence and is admired by many people. As a coach being a role model can influence the player’s development in many ways, especially when you coach kids to a youth they can often try to be like the coach by imitating the behaviour and conduct of their coach. Coaches who are role models are an inspiration and they can be the player’s source of knowledge. This means that the player is motivated and looks up to the coach, they will also depend on the coaches’ skills to help them develop and improve theirs while being trained. Being role models consists of having various good qualities that stand out and also have a good impression to the players. Coaches can influence the players in four categorical ways which are social, personal, psychologically and health.

Some coaches find it hard to also come down to the trainee/player’s level because of the pride they have. Most role models tend to do that, coming down to level of the player’s because it helps them relate and understand the player. Demonstrating good and acceptable behaviour as a role model to the trainees is way of showing how they should be conduct themselves. Also showing good teamwork is important because however you will treat your other colleagues or the trainees, most especially young trainee tend to pick up on that and will likely do the same. Cooperation is essential in a team especially it’s important for the coach to show that they can work well with other trainees and colleagues. Without cooperation it won’t be easy for the coach to train the players because not working well together can cause disruptions and causing trainers leaving the team and it leaves a bad impression especially to the coach. Following rules in a certain sport and show good code of conduct especially during games or in competition is a very good because it doesn’t only show a positive image of the coach but the players as well. It proves how...
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