How to Work Your Gps

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How To Work Your GPS Unit
Jessica R. London
Colorado Technical University Online

How To Work Your GPS Unit
Before we place your unit on you, we will go over how to charge it and listen to messages. Your unit does have to be charged at least two hours a day. You can charge it an hour in the morning an hour at night. You can break it up into 30 minute intervals, as long as you charge it a minimum of two hours a day. You can never overcharge just don’t undercharge it. First, you are going to plug in the power supply into a wall outlet. Pull down the dust cover from the charging port. Next, you are going to connect the power cord to the charging port. The blinking light will go solid and the unit will make a happy sound when there is a good connection. The unit itself will start beeping when the battery is fully charged. Once you hear this, disconnect the power cord, the unit will make the sad sound. Replace the dust cover and you are done charging. Now your officer can communicate with you thru this unit. They can send messages that say “Call your officer now, remember your appointment, pay your fees immediately, report to the office immediately and low battery, recharge unit.” In order to hear whatever message your officer sends to you, you will need to acknowledge the message. When your officer sends a message to your unit, you will hear a continuous beeping sound. Between beeps, gently place your finger on the indentation about the charging port. You are going to lightly flick it, like you are flicking water. The unit will then play the message. Wait until you hear the full message, and then flick the indentation once again to acknowledge you heard the message. If you don’t, the message will continue to play until you do. Depending on what the message is, your officer will know you received the message and will expect for you to do that action. If it says “call your officer now” or “low battery, recharge unit” you have 15-20 minutes to call them or...
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