How to take care of a squirrel

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Amanda Yff
Professor K. Reed
English 095-18
20 September 2013

How to Take Care of a Baby Squirrel.
Everywhere you go or look, you’ll more than likely to see a squirrel up in a tree, on a power line, or chasing one another on the ground. Most people don’t think of squirrels being a pet and it’s not as common to have a squirrel as it is to have a cat or dog. Having a squirrel as a pet takes a lot of time and energy and needs more attention than a cat or dog would need. If you’re out walking, running, or playing outside and you see a baby squirrel that needs your help, you can follow several steps to help your squirrel recover. If you find a baby squirrel just lying there and you want to help it first look for the mother and or the nest. This is important because if the mother smells the human scent on her baby more than likely she will not come back for it or will leave it there to die. If you can’t find either of them, the second step you’ll have to do is find a box or container to hold it. I used a medium size plastic box I got from the dollar tree. Once you find the box or container to hold the baby squirrel, place fabric or something soft in the bottom and all around the container. I used three t-shirts that had never been worn. The third thing you’ll have to do is pick up the baby squirrel. To do this, you’ll need to wear protective gloves. I didn’t use them but I would strongly recommend that you wear them because they look sweet but most often they aren’t. Once you have the gloves, on you’ll pick up the squirrel and look it over to see what’s wrong with it. Once you see what’s wrong with it, place it in the container and place another piece of fabric over it to keep it warm and to keep it calm. Now, carry it inside to wherever you plan on keeping it to take care of it. Once you get to the place you’re keeping it, look at it to make sure it’s still okay. Check to see if it has any broken legs or if it has any open wound. After it’s been in the...
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