Marine Science - 08.07

Topics: Sea otter, Otter, Sea urchin Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: October 4, 2014
1. This program’s purpose is to study sea otters while also protecting them. They’re a very threatened species. 2. - Don’t touch or kill sea otters. They can bite.
Keep everyone (including pets) away from the otter, again, they can bite. Also, don’t wrap a stranded otter in a blanket. The otter will overheat. Call an agency that you can report otters that need help. Wildlife specialists will come and figure out whether the otter needs help. If it does, they’ll catch it and nurse it back to health. 3. An otter’s fur is very dense. It has two layers of fur and can up to a million of hairs per square inch. 4. Crabs, snails, urchins, clams, mussels and other animals without backbones. 5. 2000+

6. The steps of the chain reaction, starting with over-fishing in the open waters, has led to the destruction of the coastal ecosystems off the coast of western Alaska. Lead and other waste contaminating the water's and shore eco life, offshore drilling, population growth has led to destruction of coastal ecosystem along Alaska coastline. Drilling offshore for oil and climate change adds serious destruction to the ecosystem. 7. Observation of the act, photographs of the act, and checking the stomach of a killer whale. 8. The sea otter is the biggest predator in its food chain. They regulate the populations of sea urchins. If they didn’t, kelp forests would be non-existent. If you remove any organism from a food chain, it would automatically disrupt the ecosystem. 9. If there is over-fishing, then the seal populations will drastically decrease.

Killer whales and sea otter populations
If killer whales don’t have anything to eat, then they will resort to eating sea otters and the population will diminish.
Sea otter populations and kelp forests
If the population of sea otters decreases, then the kelp forest will be in terrible danger. 10. I believe that it will take a very long time for the otter population to reach healthy numbers. The overfishing needs to...
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