Japanese Dolphin Intro

Topics: Ocean, Kill, Dolphin Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Why should WE help them???
* Killing is cruel: Killing is bloody- What is the difference of killing Dolphins and why are we so outraged? * We don’t need to kill Japanese Dolphins- why can’t we stop eating Dolphins’ meat? * Dolphins are too intelligent- they can communicate with others by just using sounds and gestures, and can be trained like performers. * Japanese Cove Dolphins are seriously endangered, and wild. We should let them live freely without being poached and accidentally caught in fish-nets. * Dolphins are really cute animals and we do not want them to be gone! * The habitat of Dolphins- Ocean is equal to others’ habitats. * Dolphins can earn high income for Entertainment Parks as they are very popular.

* More than 20,000 Japanese Dolphins are innocently killed each year and slaughtered. It means, more than 240,000 Japanese Dolphins are killed each year, especially in Taiji, Japan. * Entertainment Parks treat Dolphins badly if they misbehave of what they needed to do (perform).

Ways to HELP???
* Support Save-japan-dolphins.org (“The Cove” team).
* Take the pledge not to buy a ticket to a Dolphin show.
* Tell Zoos, Aquariums and Entertainment Parks to stop aiding the Dolphin killing. * Spread your voice to the world to end the slaughter.
* Donate to Save-japan-dolphins.org
* Less Ocean-pollution, the better habitat they live.
* Less Sound-pollution, the better can that Dolphins can live without being disturbed. “The Cove”- movie campaign to Save Japanese Dolphins.
Japanese Dolphins

The Candle still can be lit

* Type: Marine Mammal

* Size: Average around 1.2m

* Weight: Average 40kg

* Country: Japan

* Food: Mostly small Sea- Animals: e.g. Fish, Squid and Krill

* Habitat: In the Sea (Ocean). They live in water.

* Special: They do not breathe under-water. Their noses are little...
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