How to Solve the One of the Most Significant Ways That Humans Are Endangering Themselves and Our Planet

Topics: Organic food, Pesticide, Health Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Today, the world is developing rapidly. Human use their intelligence constantly exploring and developing, to cope with their increasingly high life level requirements. But at the same time, people gradually ignored the earth environment protection. The environment of our planet is become more and more terrible. For instance, there are many environment issues around us like Global Warming and air pollution. In my opinion, one of the most significant problems that humans are endangering themselves and our planet is using pesticides. Pesticides are harmful for its toxicity. They are dangerous to living things. And we can encounter pesticides almost everywhere. (Lawson 1) I think we must reduce use pesticide dietary risk from foods. Keep it from the children. What are Pesticides? If it had the suffix- cide in it, then you know it’s about killing something. Pesticides are designed to kill unwanted living things, or pets, whether they are insects, weeds, fungi, termites, mites, rodents, or bacteria. (Lawson 1) Most pesticides are used in agriculture production. You might wonder, why are pesticides used in crops, well, it is actually extremely helpful for agriculture, for a very simple reason, to keep the crops healthy and prevent them from being wasted by disease and infections. Without pesticides, the amount and the quality of crops will hugely decrease. It protects crops from insect pest, weeds and fungal diseases while they are growing, it prevents rats, mice and other insects from contaminating foods whilst being stored and finally, safeguard human health, it stops crops from being contaminated by fungi, this obviously affects us because then we are the ones who eat the crops. But, people forgot that few inorganic pesticides used before World War 2 were called “economic poisons” because of their economic benefit to farmers. (Lawson 1). It remain us the toxicity that pesticides have. Pesticides do not discriminate between targeted and nontargeted living things....
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