How to Set Up a Modern Block Industry in Nigeria

Topics: Concrete, Portland cement, Renting Pages: 4 (1755 words) Published: September 9, 2013
This study entitled "Business Proposal on how to set up a modern block industry” aims to have an alternative for the production of good blocks that will be beneficial to the people. With this study, it may help people who love to own their own business to work towards or invest in their own production unit by producing cement blocks for commercial purposes. HOW TO SET UP A MODERN BLOCK INDUSTRY.

The importance of shelter to the existence of human race cannot be overemphasised. Shelter must be available in the right quantity, quality and at the right time, for human beings to have meaningful existence. Block industry can be managed by middle or low level manpower. The ease of set up needs not be over flogged. Block industry belongs to the small scale group; its establishment will create more jobs and employment opportunities in the society. Other benefits include: reduction of shelter crisis, stemming of hunger and reduction is social vices. Establishing a block industry is profitable; judging by our investigations, percentage returns on sales is about 40 percent, while percentage returns on investment is above 200 percent. In view of the above, block industry establishment is recommended for the serious-minded and forward-looking investors. Technical information

Every one of us knows what cement block is used for, but few of us know the money making potential that exist with the business of block making. There is this woman, a neighbor who lives just a stone throw from where I previously lived in Ibeju area of Lagos State. We call her Iya Ibeji; she used to live from hand to mouth like every other woman in that area until about two and half years ago (as at march 2012) when she started a Bock Industry in a piece of property (land) she rented nears her house. At first no one took her seriously, people where wondering how a woman with children could run a Block Industry successfully, that is if there is even a gain at all in it. People thought she...
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