Marissa Mayer

Topics: Marissa Mayer, Google, Woman Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: June 2, 2014

From being Google’s first engineer to being the president and CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer has always been a woman to admire when it comes to the tech world. Despite any prejudice or stereotype established by society, she is woman who had succeeded in technology and considers herself a proud “Geek”. Anyone could think that as a woman with one of the most important jobs in the technology industry, she would be a proud feminist trying to give a lesson to everyone who has ever underestimated a woman, but she is not; she prefers to think of herself as a defender of humans equality. So if we talk about her as a human, and forget about every stereotype existing related with sex, there’s still the question of how did she succeed in tech?, because that is definitely something not easy for neither men nor women; beyond her great intelligence, it is possible to say that her success is because of the right decisions she have made in her life, which all have in common two things: she always choses to work with the smartest and most interesting people so she can learn from them, and she always decides to do something she doesn’t feel ready to do so she can push herself the most. Marissa Mayer is a woman who takes risks and that is why she is where she is. Her biggest risk was working on Google, which was also her biggest achievement. When she received an offer from Google, it wasn’t the great company it is nowadays, it was only a starting project, which Marissa gave a 2% chance of succeeding, but she thought it was the right decision to take the job (and it definitely was) so she turned into one of the company’s first twenty employees and its first female engineer. Google succeeded and so did Marissa Mayer: she learnt a lot from being part of the process of building a company and all the knowledge she acquired where only the starting of the path to becoming the youngest woman (she was only 33) to be part of Fortune magazine’s...
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