Leaf Cutter Bees

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Leaf Cutter Bees

Leaf cutter bees, play a big part in the world. Not very many people know of their existence or what they actually do. They are very interesting little insects starting from there looks, actions, and how important their job is as a Leaf Cutter Bee.

Leaf Cutter Bees; looks are very distinct. They are not like Honey Bees; they do not look like wasps or hornets. They almost resemble more of a beetle in a way. A beetle has a hard shell on their back and most beetles we think of are black. Same as for Leaf Cutter bees, have a hard black shell that surrounds their entire body like a bullet proof vest. Just like a beetle, a Leaf Cutter Bee they can turn their head a complete one hundred and eighty degree for defence against predators. Unlike a Wasp, Honey bee, and hornet a Leaf Cutter Bee is much smaller than the other bees. Leaf cutter bees also have little pincers on the sides of their mouth that are curved and have little barbs like a fishhook. Up close they look pretty intimidating.

Leaf Cutter bees actions are quite distinct. When approaching a shelter it can look very intimidating because of how there is approximately twenty thousand Leaf Cutter bees flying or as I would like to call working, in a shelter. Leaf Cutters; are very relaxed. They will not touch anyone unless the person is cooler than the temperature outside so they can use our skin to cool off. They can hurt you if they start to feel as though they are threatened. The only way a Leaf cutter could feel threatened as if I were to make it seem as if they were getting squished, either being in your clothing or actually sitting on them. If that were to happen the Leaf Cutter would bite with their pincers, until it is completely released from either the clothing or the person gets up in a real hurry.

A Shelter is a hut or small shack that is used to place styro-foam or wooden blocks inside to protect it from weather, wildlife, and any other dangers.

Leaf Cutter Bees jobs are...
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