How to reduce the biomass fired boiler flue gas temperature

Topics: Flue gas, Boiler, Furnace Pages: 1 (245 words) Published: November 27, 2014
How to reduce the biomass fired boiler flue gas temperature In the previous article,we have mentioned that reducing the flue gas temperature is necessary to enhance the biomass fired boiler combustion efficiency.Now we will give some measures for reducing the biomass fired boiler flue gas temperature in the following sections: Installing low-pressure economizer

The water flow of low pressure can be adjusted,thus the tube wall temperature can adjust,when the biomass fired boiler is running in the condition of low load,the reduced value of coal consumption rate will not reduce,so it has good coal and seasonal adaptability. Increasing the outlet temperature of the coal mill reasonably Increasing the coal mill outlet temperature can not only enhance the heat transfer of air preheater,but also increase the temperature of wind powder mixture entering the furnace,which can effectively reduces the exhaust gas temperature.The mill outlet temperature increases 10 ℃,the flue gas temperature can reduce 2 ℃. Considering the safety of coal pulverizing system, the running coal mill outlet temperature must be strictly controlled at about 80 ℃. Besides,we can also improve the cycle efficiency of the boiler heating system,install the bag dust catcher, improve the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators,improve the desulfurization efficiency of the desulphurization system. If you are interested to know more,please feel free to contact us,we will provide reliable biomass fired boilers such as SZL biomass fired boiler,or professional advice!
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