How to Promote Milo Drink

Topics: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Thomas Mayne, a chemist in Nestlé Australia, developed a nutritious milk beverage with chocolate and malt. It was named MILO® after the Greek mythical character MILON who was known for his extraordinary strength.

MILO® was introduced in the Philippines.

When the partnership between MILO® and sports all began! MILO®was given the honor of being Official Energy Drink of the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico and the Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan.

Launch of the brand’s first ever sports event – The MILO® Marathon. From a single race with 767 runners, it is now a year-round, nationwide, multi-race event with over 200,000 participants!

For the first time in the country, MILO® became available in single-serve sachets.Originally set at 14 grams, its content was gradually increased through the years. So that now, it’s 22 grams!

To help make summer break more productive for school children, the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics was created. Here, enrollees not only learned champion moves but good values as well. Starting out with only 5 sports clinics, it now has 13!

A MILO® TV commercial was aired and shortly became a favorite among Filipinos. Mainly because it had a nice catchy jingle “MILO®-a-Day” and featured a young and pretty gymnast Bea Lucero. She eventually became a 1987 SEA Games multi-medalist and 1992 Olympian Bronze awardee.

Another sports program was introduced: MILO® Little Olympics! Where school children could show case their skills in a grand tournament just like the Olympics.

Filipino champions led by Lydia De Vega shared how sports made a difference in their lives in the “Get your child into sports!” TV commercials. The country’s first ready-to-drink MILO® was launched. It became a ubiquitous item in every child’s lunchbox.

Taekwondo champion, Japoy Lizardo, began his career in a MILO® commercial.

MILO® celebrated its 40th year in the Philippines. Highlight of the year-long celebration was the campaign featuring sports legends led by...
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