How to Manage Stress

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Main Problems and Main Solutions

Many students identified their workload and managing their time as the main cause of stress. See the advice on Time Management

Some general advice

Stress among students is common for many different reasons. Three common causes are:

Intense work-loads needing completing in a short amount of time Guilt and worry because you feel that you are neglecting one or two modules in order to keep up with or complete another Not understanding a particular issue or requirement and not being able to find someone who is able to help. A few of the methods I use to reduce the stress in these matters are: Designing a study timetable in correlation with submission and deadline dates, to help plan the work and keep up with all my modules. Designing charts on Excel to map out the deadline and submission dates. I pin this on a wall to be able to see easily what needs to be completed each week. Trying to keep up with the reading requirements and pacing myself to make steady progress. Trying to spend some time on all three of the modules every week, so as not to get far behind on any of them. If having problems with understanding something, keep asking for help. I try not to give up asking when the first or second tutor cannot help, but to find out from them who will be able to help. Lack of self-confidence and not knowing anyone can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. Anxiety at the thought of approaching others may block the ability to make friends, but it is surprising how approachable and friendly most people are. When giving group or partner work in seminars etc, get chatting to others in the group. By talking about the work that has been given, the conversation often leads to personal situations and can slip easily into friendships. Make time, if possible, to be able to go for coffee after a seminar, be open to meeting new people and invite others who are on their own to join in the conversation. Others will introduce their friends and the amount of people that are then known or are familiar will grow.

Lack of self-confidence in work, and a lack of belief in the ability to produce adequate results seems to be common among students. This is especially true for those who have only just entered university. The structure is completely different from what most people are used to, and it is centred on autonomous learning, as opposed to being taught by a teacher.

If the work is submitted anyway, no matter how bad it is perceived to be, feedback on strengths and weaknesses will be given, and this develops the student's ability to know what to improve. If it is not submitted, feedback cannot be given.

If particularly unsure of a piece of work, it is possible to ask a friendly tutor to take a look at it and give some helpful tips. When reading, always take brief (or bullet-point) notes for easy retrieval of information, and jot down the title of the book that the notes came from so that they can be referred to when more depth is needed. The more something is done, the easier it becomes, and learning from past mistakes and understanding one's own weaknesses enables improvement.

Confidence poem

Walk tall,
Carrying your imaginary cardboard crown on your head.
Cardboard is light:
So are your steps through the sparkling light.
Walk tall.
Only you can see your crown. Carry it proud.
You will not fall.
Imagine the crowd smiling at your cardboard crown.

Walk tall.
Rumble your laughter deep in your tummy.
Do not mumble your joy.
Walk with the pace of life. Laugh when it's funny.


My advice to future students to try and avoid stress is that to leave yourself plenty of time to research and plan your essay if you want to pass. I found I was stressed due to lack of planning and not enough knowledge about my subject.

Family life and study

Stress for students is not just down to one thing. For example, most of the time students worry about meeting...
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