how to make a quilt

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Making A Quilt
Quilting is a hobby that is usually passed down from generation to generation. It can be quite intimidating to those who have never done it. However the process is relatively simple when you gain the knowledge needed for the job. There are several steps in making a quilt and many different patterns to choose from. It is very important to plan ahead if you want to accomplish the task of making a quilt in a timely manner.

You must first decide what type of quilt that you want to make. As I stated above there are many different quilt patterns to choose from; the possibilities are really unlimited. The basic and most common patterns are squares, hexagons, and diamonds. While making your decision take into consideration the type of stitching that you will be using, whether it will be simple stitching or embroidering. Unlike a simple thin flat stitch, embroidering uses thicker thread, a different stitch and creates a raised pattern on the quilt surface and is more time consuming.

The next step is very important to a productive process. You have to gather and organize the materials and tools needed to make a quilt. Depending on the sewing method that you’ve chosen you will need the correct needle and thread, embroidering rings, a sewing machine and a quilting rack. The next step is to cut your patterns, be precise. Mark and cut them carefully so that each one is the same size. A common problem that people run into while cutting their material, is ending up with different size quilting pieces. This will make quilting the pieces more difficult and will result in a finished quilt that is not square.

At this point you will decide if you are going to hand sew or use a sewing machine. You will now begin sewing your chosen pattern pieces together. Take your time while doing this. If you rush through not being precise, your time and effort will be wasted. Because your quilt will fall apart when it is washed. Next choose your batting (the filling that...
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