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Natasha Adams Ms. Elizabeth Fields English 1101 July 13, 2012 The Art and History of Quilting Quilting is a unique art form involving sewing together several different layers of material. These layers are put together in unique patterns. Quilting requires the knowledge of several different types of tools and supplies. Included in the supply list is the batting, which is cotton polyester blend that gives the quilt its thickness, and several different types of material with different patterns. The...

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Quilting and Aunt Ida Pieces

too-tight dungarees, his blue choir robe with the gold sash. How that boy could sing! His favorite color in a necktie. A Sunday shirt. What I’m gonna do with all this stuff? I can remember Junie without this business. My niece Francine say they quilting all over the country. So many good boys like her boy, gone. At my age I ain’t studying no needle and thread. My eyes ain’t so good now and my fingers lock in a fist, they so eaten up with arthritis. This old back don’t take kindly to bending...

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how to make a quilt

 Making A Quilt Quilting is a hobby that is usually passed down from generation to generation. It can be quite intimidating to those who have never done it. However the process is relatively simple when you gain the knowledge needed for the job. There are several steps in making a quilt and many different patterns to choose from. It is very important to plan ahead if you want to accomplish the task of making a quilt in a timely manner. You must first decide what type of quilt that you want...

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Not Just A Blanket

heritage but never tried to understand the purpose of the quilts. Dee didn’t understand that by giving Maggie the quilts it helps to carry on the family tradition. Maggie knows how to quilt. Her mother taught her. It is not only important to accept quilting as an important tradition but to pass it on as well. A tradition has no meaning if there is no one who knows about it or carries it on. Giving the quilts to Maggie is the best way to affirm that the connection of heritage will enhance and not only...

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Everyday Use

culture.” African-American culture has embraced quilting as a tradition for centuries. “Perhaps the most resonant quality of quilt making is the promise of creating unity amongst disparate elements, of establishing connections in the midst of fragmentation.” Walker included the quilt in the story to explain African-American heritage and the creativity of African-Americans. Walker is not the first African-American author to introduce the importance of quilting as a tradition of African-Americans. In Sam...

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Trifles Essay

a broken jar of cherries. After the small realization of something that had gone wrong in the kitchen, the women traveled into the room that had Mrs. Wright’s quilting basket. The women, without a second thought, opened Mrs. Wright’s sewing basket. Within, there were quilting pieces, “She was piecing a quilt” (807). By moving those quilting pieces, the women find a box in Mrs. Wright’s sewing bag. Thinking it was just sewing scissors and needles, the women opened the box. Within the box, they find...

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Alias Grace- the Doubled Victorian Image of Womanhood

It would be a Tree of Paradise...But what I say to him is different. I say, I don't know, Sir." Quilt making is a domestic activity and is a huge part of womanhood. Most, if not all women do quilting in their free time- "a Long Cabin quilt is a thing every young woman should have before marriage." Quilting is a part of who each female individual is. Most, I believe, would make quilts of their own desires, of something that represents who they are. In attempts to find out more about her hidden desires...

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Patchwork Commentary

Patchwork Analysis Eavan Boland’s unique poem, Patchwork, allows the reader to be privy to the private thoughts of a persona, presumably the author herself, as she struggles to answer the question of fate or destiny. Throughout the poem, while quilting alone late at night, the speaker puzzles over the randomness of the universe, utilizing the simple quilt metaphor to inspire a final epiphany. Immediately revealing the central theme of the poem as well as alluding to the narrator’s apparent self-doubt...

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culture. For instance, When Maggie lets her sister have the quilt because she “can ‘member Grandma Dee without the quilts” (115) since she was taught how to make the quilt by their grandmother. Maggie does this because she had acquired the skill of quilting from her grandmother. This quote shows that Maggie is open minded and wanted to learn her family’s culture. The readers can have a sense that Maggie feels that the culture of making quilt is better than needing an item to actually remind you of your...

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Mr. Bigdog

different tack and suggests that the quilt as a metaphor presents not a stubborn contrariness, a wayward individuality, but a communal bonding that confounds traditional definitions of art and of the artist, then one plays on possibilities in the quilting trope [metaphor] rather different from those explored by [Barbara T.] Christian. What we want to suggest in our own adaptation of the trope is that it opens a fascinating interpretive window on vernacular dimensions of lived, creative experience...

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