How to make a good presentation

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TO MAKE A GOOD PRESENTATION YOU NEED TO plan it to the last detail write out the presentation in full time the presentation to fit the available time reduce the script to notes of the most important points (it is from notes only that the presenter should give his/her final presentation) rehearse the whole of the presentation , not just bits of it let the audience see your better qualities from the start be able to create a positive emotional atmosphere structure the presentation correctly focus the audience attention on the main points make your speech loud enough, never drop your voice at the end of the sentence or paragraph (mumbling always irritates the audience) maintain the eye contact with the audience throughout the presentation pay special attention to the opening and closing courtesies use a marker to point out some important ideas, facts or figures on the blackboard keep the time limit REVIEW Was everything adequately prepared Was the audience attention captured from the start Was it kept throughout the presentation Which aspects were the most successful ones Which part proved to be least successful and why Was the time limit kept PRESENTATION PROCEDURE INTRODUCTION opening courtesies signaling the start greeting the audience self-identification creating a positive emotional atmosphere stating the target providing an overview stating the rules MAIN BODY CONCLUSION summery closing courtesies USEFULL PHRASES opening courtesies signaling the start OK So Lets begin/get started/start Right. Shall we begin Can I have your attention, please greeting the audience Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Hello, everyone/everybody self-identification My names Im creating a positive emotional atmosphere Its my privilege today to be talking to this distinguished gathering stating the target My purpose (main aim/goal) today (this morning) is to analyze (review/present) The purpose (aim/subject/topic) of my presentation is to report (look at) Im here today to Id...
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