How to Make Pupusas

Topics: El Salvador, Mexico, Pupusa Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: March 20, 2013
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I am unique. A type of person that is never mistaken for anyone else (not including looks because my sister looks like me.) A lot of cultures are different in every way. Salvadoran is something that describes a lot of the Hispanics that are confused with many Mexicans in this country. In El Salvador pupusas is just as popular as pizza in the United States. It is something originated there and nowhere else in the whole world, until of course the immigrants came with them as they became citizens of this country. This whole essay is more of a “How to”. It is going to be called, How to make Pupusas. There will be the basic instructions and some of the history behind them. After all of this you will enjoy a fine dinner/lunch/breakfast for your whole life.

We will start with the basics. This is no rocket science I will tell you that now. Pupusas is made of a thick homemade corn tortilla. It is filled with a blend of cheese, cooked pork meat, and refried beans. To add flavor, we may add loroco which is a vine flower bud from Central America. They are served with curtido (Cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar) and a watery tomato salsa. A lot of people mistake the Pupusa with the Gordita from Mexico. The only differences are that the gordita is filled with more stuff and has an opening. This typical Salvadoran food has been around for more than 2000 years. They were created centuries ago by the Pipil tribes. They lived in the territory now known as El Salvador. Until the late 1940s this food became popular around the country when people moves out of towns to cities. When the Salvadoran Civil War broke down a lot of people were forced to move out of the county, where their destination was the United States. This is what made us come here and migrate with our tradition and culture. This all happened in the 1980s, since that day you can find pupuserias (places where pupusas are sold) anywhere where there is a major population of Salvadoreans. Some...
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