How to French Braid Hair

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How to French Braid Hair:
Are you tired of wearing that bland old ponytail to clinical and class every day?? Yeah, I thought so.
Today, is your lucky day. I am going to teach you all how to French braid your hair! If you could please split up into twos, and I need a partner as well. Who would like to be my partner? Morgan? Ok, awesome! Before we begin the lesson, I want your full attention, so I will let you all decide whether we do one braid down the hair, or two. Which one will it be? *Ok, two it is!:Let’s begin!

First, of the two of you, decide who wants to be the braider and who wants to be the one to receive the braid first. Have we all decided that?
Alright, braiders get ready! Start by splitting your partner’s hair evenly down the middle of her hair vertically. I find it very helpful to use a comb, but in some cases those aren’t available… so the tip of your fingernail/finger works well too! Now that we’ve split we’re going to start with just one side. I’m going to decide for us, and say we’ll start with the left side, and I’ll have you pin up the right side. I have ponytail holder for everyone that doesn’t have one in today. Who needs a ponytail holder? [pass them out] Now that the right half of the hair is pinned out of the way, go to the top section of the left side and gather a small-ish chunk of hair. Split that semi-small chunk of hair into three pieces

We are going to start the French braid with a normal braid, which is grabbing the far right piece and going over the middle piece of hair, then grabbing the far left piece of hair and putting it over the “new” middle piece (which was the previous far right piece of hair. Now, here comes the French braid process… go to the far right piece now and gather a small chunk of hair from underneath that piece with your middle finger and attach it to the piece of hair being held with your index finger and cross that whole chunk over the middle piece. Now look at your left hand, grab a chunk...
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