How to Eat Without Getting Fat

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting Pages: 2 (864 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Here is what I tell everyone about diet, do read it, and try it(if female you may add 200 calories during your once a month week, no more than 200 though!)-you may have small amounts of chocolate only then

90% of weight loss is diet, exercise is a very small portion of that(10%). Heres what I recommend. Figure the amount of weight you want to weigh, lets say (130lbs) now times that by 10 and you get 1300. That is what your calorie intake should be daily. I recommend sticking to unprocessed foods as best as possible ( outer rim of food stores is where the good food is. Eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day 2-3 hours apart, if you get crazy hungury munch on lettuce or baby carrots, skip the dip if you can or minimize. Eat a good breakfast with good fats (olive oil, or fish oil, or mono/poly fat- comes from nuts) you also need protein, carbs, fruit, and dairy. After that meal minimize carbs to the best of your abilities. The best way to do so is stay away from fruit except for breakfast. No bread, No beverages other than water, you can squeeze lemon, lime, and orange into the water for flavor, but flavored beverages(even OJ and Cran J=sugar!) are just wasted calories. The remaining 5 meals of the day should be protein and vegetables, the best vegetables are the green ones, lettuce, spinach, green peppers, (the greener the better it is for you) You can eat as much salad as you want as it is basically calorie less. The worst part of salads is dressing. Low fat always, and stay away from creamy stuff (ranch) dressing. Only 2 Tablespoons per salad. To help spread dressing, take plastic rap over the bowl and hold tight and shake, it will coat all the lettuce. It is ok to eat other colored vegetables but some have high carbs, look them up online. Diet is the biggest battle. Drink 8 normal water bottles worth of water daily. Best thing to do is have one bottle and keep filling it up and make a mark on it each time you fill to know how many you have drank. You can drink...
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