How to Cut Your Own Hair

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# Wash and comb your hair. This will give you a more accurate cut. Consider leaving the conditioner in to make your hair easier to comb. Leave it wet until you know which method you want to use. # Decide what length your hair should be. You may want to tie this to some physical landmark, such as the chin, collarbone, etc. When you’ve decided how much hair you want to leave, note the length of the hair you want to take off; this will be important later when your hair is up and it’s difficult to gauge the length of what remains. # Find a pair of ''sharp'' scissors. If you don’t have styling shears, fabric scissors will work very well. Do not use blunt or loose scissors, which can bend and damage your hair instead of cutting it. # Stand in front of a mirror. If possible, arrange two mirrors so that you can see both the front and back of your own head. === Whole Head Method ===

# Dry and comb your hair. The straighter you can comb it, the better. # Gather your hair to the top of your head as if you were making a ponytail. Be sure to bring it to not only the ''very top'', but also the center; otherwise, the layers will come out unevenly. Check your alignment in the mirror. #* It may help to bend over and flip your hair down while gathering it. # Twist your gathered hair as tightly as you can into a spiral. Make note of which direction you’ve twisted it. # Take your scissors and cut off the length of hair you noted in Step 2. The remaining hair will be uniform in length relative to the top of your head, but once you let it down, it will appear to be of many different lengths. # Let down your hair, comb it, re-gather it to the top of your head, and twist it in the opposite direction. Most of it should be uniform, but be sure to look for strays. # Snip off any stragglers.

# When satisfied, wash, dry, and style your hair as usual. Haircuts almost always look more finished once they’ve been properly washed. === Selective Layers Method ===
# Towel-dry your hair so...
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