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Unit GH19 Creatively style and dress hair
Unit GH20 Creatively dress long hair

This scheme of work covers salon based learning for Unit GH20. The scheme of work is based on 2 hours per session for 5 sessions in the salon, with additional salon training required to practice applying the knowledge and skills learnt.

Session| Objectives/learning outcomesThe learner will be able to:| Activities and resources| Assessment| 12 hoursGH19&GH20| * Explain Unit gh19 and GH20 * Describe salon and legal requirements when dressing long hair * Describe safe, effective and hygienic working methods when dressing hair * Decribe the effects on the hair structure when styling and dressing long hair * Describe the preparation requirements for dressing long hair * Identify the different dressing techniques used on long hair * Explain the importance of taking into consideration the different factors that may affect the service| Show student conduct of health and safetyGet all equipment ready for salon trainingTutor starts demo on client, this will include:.setting the hair.point to root.back combing . rolls.curls.half up half downOnce the demo is done there question and answers will be heldKirstie will then re-create the lookWorksheet 5: Hair preparationDiscussion with PowerPoint and completedWorksheet 5Discussion on Worksheet 6: Factors to take into considerationevaluate| demonstrationQuestion and answer sessionFormative assessmentComplete work sheetsFeedback sheets|

22 hoursGH19&GH20| Describe and demonstrate different plaiting techniques and the effects they can createDescribe and demonstrate different hair twisting techniques and the effects they can createDescribe methods of applying knotsand the effects they can createDescribe and demonstrate techniques used to dress the hair into curlsDercibe the technique of:•Back brushing|...
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