Nail Technician

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As a fully qualified therapist both clients and employers will expect you to have professional appearances. This isn’t only to receive your assessment certificate but your clients would also feel that you know what your doing.

When you dress the part, you feel the part and it will give you more confidence. A therapist overall look isn’t just for them to look the part but it also for the protection of health, safety and hygiene.

It’s advisable to have a few uniforms so they can be washed regularly to avoid the build up of body odors also so it doesn’t get too worn. Your uniform should be a good length so that you’re comfortable to move around (it’s suggested to get a size bigger), and should always be cleans and pressed. Your shoes should
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Your hair should also always be clean and tidy; having it tied back my help to prevent you touching it, as touching your hair brakes hygiene rules.

Some clients make have an allergy to nail varnish to its advisable to have no varnish on your nails and less your employee state’s other way as nail technician. Nails should be kept clean and short, as long nails doing a massage can scratch a client. Have untidy nail such as bitten and rough cuticles don’t set a good example and not a good look for the client to see.

Body piercing can appear to be unprofessional as some clients may take it do offence. But hygiene and professional ethics stares the small modest earrings are ok. Rings carry germs and can scratch your clients and the hygiene and professional ethics only permits a plain wedding band.

Make up left on over night and heavy make up doesn’t look professional but subtle make up is fine. Some therapist my decide not to wear make up, but keeping your skin clear and eyebrows tidy in important bear in mind a mall amounts of makeup and help with tired eyes and blemishes. Ultimately you should look how you feel or even how you want your clients to

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