How to Choose a Roommate

Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: December 8, 2013
How to Choose a Roommate

To choose a roommate can be one of the most important decisions an undergraduate makes during her/his college life. It can be an overwhelming experience. Sometimes it can turn into a wonderful adventure. Sometimes it can cause massive headaches. Knowing what qualities to look for in a good roommate can make the college roommate experience more enjoyable, but finding a good roommate is not easy. It can be much easier to have a roommate who has the same sex. No one wants to share their dorm or apartment with a roommate who has an opposite personality and does not help to pay the bills. If a person is a clean freak, they will refuse to share their dorm or apartment with a roommate who is not a clean freak. Also, it is not fair if one has to pay all the bills because their roommate does not have money or does not want to help to pay the bills. It can be difficult to share a dorm or apartment with a roommate who is of a different sex. It can be hard to share a bathroom because one wants privacy. Boys and girls have different private parts. They will not be comfortable changing their clothes or walking around naked the dorm or apartment if they live with a member of the opposite sex. They also will be not comfortable talking about personal problems with a member of the opposite sex. Boys and girls are not the same. Boys do not express their feelings to everyone. They would rather keep it to themselves. Girls like to tell everyone about their feelings because they think it makes them feel better and they want advice. Also, It can be tough for girls to have a heart to heart with boys. To live with the same sex is always a good thing. It is usually easier to share a bathroom with a same-sex roommate. Same-sex roommates can share their clothes and shoes if they have the same sizes. That would be awesome because they do not have to worry about shopping for more clothes and shoes. To have a same-sex roommate will avoid any awkward situations....
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