Life in the Dorms – Rebekah Nathan

Topics: Building, Essay, Sexual harassment Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Based off this essay I feel Rebekah was able to capture a very good view on the general dorm life on college. All though there were some differences between building structures and door decorating rules not much seems to have change from when she lived in a dorm to how dorm life is now. One of my favorite things to read was how amazed she was by how two people could adjust and fit so much stuff in a small room by building up. Being in a forced triple I instantly connected with this amazement. When I first visited my dorm I thought it was going to be a nightmare but now that I’m settled in things really aren’t that bad. I was surprised though when I heard that there weren’t any triples in her dorm hall, I was also kind of jealous. What aspect that hasn’t seemed to change at all either is the bulletin boards. I’ve only been here a month and based off what she said about their patterns of getting involved, sexual harassment and personal health makes sense. That was exactly what I first saw when I came in Davis was a board saying run for Hall Council and another one talking about personal safety. I guess people do really do follow patterns in college and the flow has just become universal, Based off the rest of her essay I’ve gotten a small view of what to come as a college Freshman. Like very quiet and stressed out people around Finals and what life is like around the holidays and how people always fine time to have fun in between but generally the crowd follows each other in patterns.
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